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The Potential of Natural Growth Factors

It’s a fact of life. As we get older, our bodies start wearing down. Sometimes that means we produce less of the things that keep us feeling healthy and young – such as growth factors – which stimulate cellular growth and help regulate various internal processes.

Pure Solutions offers a powerful supplement that provides the body with support in restoring these growth factors to more youthful levels. Pure IGF contains concentrated growth factors in a high-potency formula that could impact a number of areas in your life.

This Supplement May Provide:

  • Anti-aging support
  • Immune system enhancement
  • Support for bone density
  • Support for joint and connective tissue health
  • Weight management support
  • Improvement of muscle recovery & growth
  • Support for healthy libido
  • Support for reduction of physical & emotional stress
  • Energy & endurance support

Pure Solutions IGF is not a magic bullet. But if your body is lacking some of these growth factors, it could be beneficial to your health and well-being to restore them. Growth factors may be best-described as therapeutic amino acid proteins.

Unlike typical HGH products, Pure IGF gives you direct supplementation that does not require stimulation of the pituitary gland – where human growth hormones are produced. When taken as directed, growth factors are absorbed sublingually (under your tongue) directly into the blood stream.

Pure IGF is ideal for people looking to support the unwanted effects of aging by potentially boosting the body’s natural defenses. Athletes may also use it to improve recovery time and potentially their performance.

The source of the growth factor matrix is New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler, which contains as many as 13 growth factors, as well as co-factors that can maximize the potential benefits. Pure Solutions is recognized as a pioneer in the production of non-synthetic supplements containing a highly-concentrated, balanced growth factor formula.

The proprietary Deer Velvet could provide individualized benefits based on your particular health needs. It is formulated to be used daily for ongoing anti-aging support.

Energy. Metabolism. Libido. Improved strength. Reduced discomfort. A healthy, functioning immune system. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Getting old doesn’t have to mean slowing down. Talk to your healthcare practitioner about trying Pure IGF from Pure Solutions.


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