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Forces of Nature

Safely Removes Skin Tags Safe for Face & Body Non-scarring & Painless Extra Strength Formula No Harmful Acids or Chemicals No-mess, Easy Applicator This extra strength treatment removes skin tags naturally and painlessly. Formulated by Dr. Klapper and Dr. McKinnon, this continues to be a bestseller. Found over the counter in America’s top retailers and pharmacies, it is the real deal. Skin tags are common, most people will have experience them during their life. Genetics may play a role in developing these pesky skin tags, but they can also be caused by skin rubbing against skin. Fortunately, our natural skin tag remover can help. Our natural skin tag remover contains naturally occurring phytochemicals and antioxidants. Skin tags will gradually flake away or fall of entirely with this remedy. The certified organic ingredients in our Skin Tag Control Extra Strength include Thuja Occidentalis both in essential form and homeopathically. This works to dry out skin tags when applied topically while supporting the immune system. Calendula and lavender heal damaged tissue leaving behind clean healthy skin. Finally, certified organic Tea Tree oil has been concentrated in this natural skin tag remover for its ability dissolve skin growths. The result is a skin tag remover that removes tags naturally in 1-2 weeks.

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