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Research has shown time and again that disease cannot exist in an alkaline body. Unfortunately, metabolic processes in the body contribute to acidity, and sickness can easily prevale. Fight sickness and disease by adding Alkalizer Drops to your water, juice, or even tea.
Alkalizing the Body Will:
☼ Help with the oxygenation of the body and the blood
☼ Help to preserve the body’s mineral content
☼ Create a favorable environment for the body’s natural process for repairing damaged cells
☼ Improves cellular energy production
☼ Control cellular degeneration
☼ Slow down the process of aging
☼ Help to eliminate excess fat in the body
☼ Help to prevent osteoporosis
☼ Eliminate toxic wastes
☼ Defend the body against various ailments
☼ Fight indigestion, diabetes, tension headaches, high blood pressure, constipation, obesity, and rheumatism
☼ Fortify the immune system
☼ Lubricate joints, making them stronger
☼ Speed up injury recovery process
☼ Improve hydration
☼ Cleanse the colon
☼ Render the body more resistant to flu and other diseases
☼ Rejuvenate the skin
☼ Replace the skin tissues so they become more elastic
☼ Keep the skin from drying up
☼ Detoxify the skin, making it smoother
☼ Enhance absorption of food nutrients
☼ Help you to lose weight
☼ Stabilize blood pressure
☼ Increase energy
☼ Enhance bone and digestive system functions

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