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Cold and Flu Prevention

With the cold and flu season upon us it's time to take preventative actions to ward off these hostile invaders. Keeping the immune system strong is one of your best defenses. There are many supplements that can do this for you, some of the more beneficial are as follows. Vitamin C is always a popular choice because of its immune boosting properties. 1,000 to 5,000mg per day in divided doses can do wonders to keep viruses at bay. Olive leaf extract is an excellent herb with anti-viral properties to it. Enzyme Process has an excellent combination called olive leaf plush that contains olive leaf, oregano oil, elderberry and slippery elm. For the flu season Boiron make a homeopathic formula called oscillococcinum. This formula helps get rid of fever, chills and body aches due to the flu and can shorten the duration of the flu. Two other immune builders that are good for the flu season are colostrum and colloidal silver which can act like a natural antibiotic in the body. And do not forget the acidophilus. A good balance of this in the system helps keep that immune system running high.

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